Branding: Five Elements Of Robust Identity Strategy

A strong brand identity is a core part of any company’s marketing strategy.

1. Tagline: This shorter phrase represents the essence of your company, and should be memorable for consumers who will be repeating it to friends, family and acquaintances.

2. Logo: This iconic symbol is the face of your company and should represent what you do as well as who you are with simplicity, clarity, and consistency.

3. Color scheme: Colors are powerful because they can evoke emotion in consumers, so be sure to choose a palette that reflects the values of your company- not just what looks pretty.

4. Font: The font you choose should be unique and consistent in order to represent the qualities of your brand- it is one of the most visible marketing tools at our disposal.

5. Words: When you write content for your website, be sure to include the words that exemplify what is unique about your company and mission statement- use these phrases as a guide when writing, and be sure to include them in your content.


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